Training Your Team’s AI


It is important to understand how to train and personalize your team’s AI. The more you invest in training your team’s AI, the more time you can save across customer communication channels inside Supermoon.

In this article, we will cover the following topics: How does your AI learn and accumulate knowledge? How do I train my AI to respond to customers with high quality, accurate information? How do I take full advantage of my team’s AI?

How does my team’s AI learn and accumulate knowledge?

The Knowledge Base
The quality of your team’s AI is directly tied to how well you set up your team’s Knowledge Base. The accuracy of the information you enter in your Knowledge Base will directly impact the AI’s ability to give accurate answers to customer questions. Think about this as a training manual for a new teammate, add as much accurate and helpful information as you can to teach the AI about your business (the more the better!).

Historical Emails and Ongoing Messaging
Your AI can pick up on the tone and structure of your historical emails if you choose to connect your Gmail and import old emails. The AI will also learn from ongoing messaging that takes place within Supermoon between your team and your customers. For example, when a customer sends in a message and one of your team members replies, the AI will use this exchange as a rough example to shape the Smart Reply drafts generated for email messages.

Your Shopify Store Connection
By connecting a Shopify store (if you have one) to Supermoon, your team’s AI will learn about your product catalog, inventory, publication state (archived, draft etc.), and even be able to reference the status of a customer’s order where relevant. For example, if a customer sends in a message inquiring about the contents or status of their order, your team’s AI will draft a response taking into account information it can pull via your Shopify Store connection.

How do I make sure my AI is answering customers as accurately as possible?

Keep your Knowledge Base updated with as much accurate information about your business as possible. If the AI gets something wrong, it’s usually due to a lack of information. If the AI realizes it does not have adequate knowledge to respond to a customer inquiry, it may tag you in an internal comment beneath an email thread.

There is also an entire section of your Knowledge Base called “Suggestions.” Your team’s AI is constantly trying to improve and learn! In the Suggestions tab, you can sort through questions the AI has about your business and policies. Essentially, the AI will point out gaps in its knowledge and help you take action to improve it!

Add Item to Knowledge Base

Manually Add AI Knowledge Base Item

Edit AI Knowledge Base Item

Tracking the effectiveness of your team’s AI

On the Configure page of your Knowledge Base, you can find metrics keeping track of your team’s AI. Depending on how you are using Supermoon, you may see a section tracking your AI across your Smart Contact Form, MoonChat, and Smart Replies. There is also a “time saved” metric estimating the total time your team is saving every week based on how much work the AI has been able to do for you!

Take Full Advantage of Supermoon AI

In order to save the maximum amount of time and money for your team, you’ll want to make sure you are utilizing these AI features!

Inbox AI

  • AI Tone: Select from three tones of which you would like the AI to write in: Casual, Professional, Standard.
  • Auto tagging: By default, the Supermoon AI will automatically label incoming customer inquiries with tags such as ‘Time Sensitive’ and ‘Large Order’.
  • Large Order Threshold: Orders with a value above this number will be automatically tagged with the ‘Large Order’ tag (this is for teams with an active Shopify Store connection).
  • AI Smart Replies: As messages come into your team’s inbox, your team’s AI will draft a reply tailored towards the specific needs of your customer and its knowledge of your business.
  • AI Suggestions: When the AI lacks information to respond to a message, it will tag you in a comment that prompts you to update your Knowledge Base.
  • Auto-prioritization: By default, Supermoon will assign high priority to incoming customer inquiries if the customer appears upset, or if it has been auto-tagged with ‘Time Sensitive’ and ‘Large Order’.
  • Rephrasing capabilities: In the case that your team receives a highly specific inquiry that cannot be answered adequately by AI, you can instead choose to rephrase or expand on existing text. These responses can be generated and re-generated in multiple ways until you are satisfied with the response.
  • Message summaries: Your team’s AI helps you manage customer inquiries with automatic tagging and summaries of messages, which are visible directly from the inbox.
  • Provide multilingual support: Support your customers efficiently whether you speak their language or not! For incoming message replies and live chat conversations, Supermoon supports all languages and can detect then draft responses in those languages.

Live Chat AI Features (MoonChat)

  • Your AI can answer customer questions automatically directly on your website through MoonChat (Supermoon’s Live Chat feature).

Smart Contact Form

  • Your AI can answer customer questions instantly directly on your website through the Smart Contact Form (Supermoon’s AI-powered Contact Form).
  • The AI can also suggest products from your Shopify Store (if you have one connected) to customers as they are writing their questions in the contact form (AI that sells for you!)

Answer AI questions on the Suggestions page, add more information to your Knowledge Base, and set up more channels of communication with customers in Supermoon to save more and more time with an AI that learns and works alongside your team!