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Access customer history, automate order tracking, and use our quick answer replies to keep your customers happy.

Ecommerce Customer Service

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Supermoon seamlessly integrates with Shopify, revolutionizing your team’s ecommerce customer service. Support your Shopify customers and communicate with your team about order details – all from one system!

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Shopify + Supermoon Feature

See customer order data

Now your team can effortlessly access relevant information while responding to customer emails. Easily access order specifics, customer history, shipping instructions, and return requests.

Order Date from Shopify in Supermoon Feature

Automate customer order tracking

Your customers can now track their orders through our live website chat! As customers inquire about their order, the AI will automatically pull and provide existing order information from their store. You don’t have to lift a finger!

Answer customer inquiries right on your website

Enable your customers to ask questions directly through our ecommerce AI chatbot. Powered by AI, it swiftly responds to known questions or offers draft replies, freeing up your time for more important tasks.

"We needed something more simple than Gorgias. I can’t tell you how spot on Supermoon is to what I’ve been looking for. It’s so customer and product focused."

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