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Provide immediate answers and resolve customer inquiries before they’re submitted.

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Reduce ticket volume by 70% today

Businesses that start using Supermoon’s AI-powered Smart Contact Form see a 70% drop in ticket volume. The Smart Contact Form brings the power of your AI-powered Knowledge Base directly to your customers without the hassle of chatbots or complexity of other AI systems. It’s simple, it’s smart, it’s Supermoon.

Finally, AI that actually helps

Create your own AI-powered Knowledge Base in seconds with Supermoon. Import your existing FAQs from your website, add more information manually, connect your Gmail or Outlook and Shopify store to train your personalized AI Teammate. This AI teammate then plugs into your Smart Contact Form and serves up likely answers to customers in seconds as they type their questions on your website.

Capture abandoned contact form questions

Gain deeper insight into your customers by capturing abandoned contact form questions. Not only will the Smart Contact Form offer product suggestions from your store and respond to customer questions in real-time, but you will also be capturing every question your customers ask, even the abandoned ones.

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All this power in a matter of minutes

Installation is easy. Whether you are manually installing on your website or using the one-click installation via your Shopify store, getting started takes only a few minutes and can save you hours every week. We bring you the power of an AI Teammate that knows your business without the headache and price tag that come with other systems.

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