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Supermoon AI makes customer support more efficient than ever before with personalized replies, summaries, and sentiment.

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With our innovative AI personalization system, empowering the AI to understand your company and its processes is now simpler than ever. Personalize the AI email assistant by simply uploading a website or FAQ URL.

AI that becomes an extension of your team.

Once the AI has been personalized with your company's information, it gains a deep understanding of your products, services, policies, and procedures.

Easily update and refine AI knowledge base.

Things are constantly changing? That’s expected, which is why you can easily keep our AI email assistant knowledge up-to-date and relevant.

Supermoon AI-powered Helpdesk

AI Personalization

Personalize the AI with information about your business to save time responding to recurring inquiries. Once you start to use our AI email assistant, you won’t remember how you ever lived without it!

Supermoon AI-powered Helpdesk

Automated Smart Replies

As messages come into your team’s inbox, our AI email assistant drafts multiple response recommendations tailored towards the specific needs of your customer.

Rephrasing Capabilities

In the case that your team receives a highly specific inquiry that cannot be answered adequately by AI, you can instead choose to rephrase or expand on existing text. These responses can be generated and re-generated in multiple ways until you are satisfied with the response.

Message Summaries

Stop spending hours triaging customer support requests every week. Supermoon's AI assistant helps you manage customer inquiries with automatic tagging and message summaries. Urgent messages, upset customers, and large orders will be tagged automatically and every message will be summarized to make your life easier.

Provide multilingual support with AI

Support your customers efficiently whether you speak their language or not! For incoming message replies and live chat conversations, Supermoon supports all languages and can detect then draft responses in those languages.

"Supermoon has halved my response time. I’ve gone from two hours a week answering emails, to about one hour. Before Supermoon, I was searching old emails for common responses I had sent before and pasting them in."

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