Manage your contacts with our simplified CRM software

Our shared inbox CRM streamlines the process of tracking vital customer information directly within the Supermoon platform.

Supermoon CRM Software

Everything you need to know about your customers, in one single place

View conversation history

Communication history with each contact is readily available at the bottom of their dedicated page. Forget the hassle of digging through countless emails and documents to find past interactions!

Track ecommerce data

Utilize our Shopify integration to access real-time customer data when you need it. Find details such as order history, customer location, and lifetime history right within the contact’s CRM page.

Easily sort through people and organizations

Supermoon’s internal CRM software makes it easy to search relevant information on a certain person or organization in your contacts. Never waste time looking for lost customer information again!

Store vital customer information

Use our built-in CRM software to track key details about your customers’ contact information. Log information such as email, phone number, location, job title, and organization and provide personalized service to your customers.

Leave customer notes your whole team has access to

Supermoon empowers your team with the ability to record and access notes directly through our CRM software. Whether it's a follow-up action, a specific request, or any other relevant information, these notes ensure that everyone on your team is always up-to-date, fostering real-time collaboration and productivity.

Supermoon CRM Software

"Supermoon is the tool you’ve been waiting for, and we highly recommend it for your Shopify store."

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