Here, we've compiled a list of common questions to provide you with quick answers and guidance.

How do I get the most out of my Supermoon team?

Start by connecting your Gmail or Outlook inbox in your settings! If you currently support customers through a Gmail or Outlook inbox, connecting that inbox to Supermoon is super easy and is the best way to get started on Supermoon. 

Once your inbox is connected, personalize your AI in your settings by submitting your FAQ information so the AI can help you compose drafts saving you time on every single message.

Finally, invite your teammates and get the team collaborating in the shared inbox using internal comments on messages + creating channels in the Team Chat for your business’s purposes!

What’s the difference between the Gmail/Outlook integration and email forwarding?

The easiest and best way to start using Supermoon is to connect the inbox you currently use to support customers via either the Gmail or Outlook integrations.

Integrations: Using the integrations allows you to connect your inbox in a matter of seconds. Your Gmail/Outlook inbox will mirror your Supermoon inbox. Meaning any messages arriving in your inbox will also appear in Supermoon; archiving a message in your inbox archives it in Supermoon, deleting a message deletes the message in both places etc.

Forwarding: For Gmail or Outlook accounts that are aliases or distribution lists and do not have a unique username and password for logging in, you can add your unique Supermoon email address located in your settings to the list of people that receive forwarded email from your alias or distribution list. Once you had your unique Supermoon email, your Supermoon team will begin to receive copies of inbound emails just like the other people on your distribution list or alias account.

When would I forward email as opposed to using the inbox integrations?

When you cannot change your existing inbox from an alias or distribution list to an actual user account (with a unique username and password for logging in), forwarding email is the next best solution to receive customer emails in your Supermoon team. 

If you can, changing your alias or distribution list to an actual user with a unique username and password for logging in, will allow you to connect that inbox via the Gmail or Outlook integrations. This is the best way to connect your business inbox to your Supermoon team.

What are Smart Replies and how do they save my team time?

Supermoon saves you time on every single customer message by giving you Smart Replies. Click the options appended to the bottom of every message next to the “Respond” button or click the “Smart Reply” button to generate draft messages in a matter of seconds. 

How do I personalize my AI and what does that mean for me?

Do you want to make Smart Replies even more useful? Personalize your AI with your FAQ or business information and watch the AI use that info in Smart Reply drafts to save you even more time on every message. 

Supermoon allows you to customize your AI using information specific to your business such as your return policy, business hours, or other frequently asked questions. Once customized with this info, your AI will incorporate the information in every Smart Reply draft to save you even more time.

What are the differences in the plans and what is recommended for my team?

Every new team comes with a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan. This gives you the best possible experience of Supermoon for free as you begin to try us out. Once you are ready to pick your plan or your trial has ended, you can select from the Free, Starter or Pro plans.

The Free plan gives you full control of your omnichannel inbox with a limit of 5 teammates, 90 days of message and chat history, and no AI features (such as Message Summaries and Smart Replies).

The Starter plan gives you everything in the Free plan but with unlimited teammates and unlimited message and chat history. Additionally, the Starter plan gives you personalized AI and other AI functions with a monthly limit to how many Smart Replies your team can use.

The Pro plan includes everything in both previous plans but with unlimited AI as well as some other top-level features. Reach out to learn more about which plan is best for you or try a 14-day free trial now.