Building Your Knowledge Base

๐Ÿ’ก When your AI gets something wrong, it is most likely because it is missing information about your business. To ensure you are getting the best out of the AI, keep your Knowledge Base as updated as possible. The more information the AI can reference from your teamโ€™s Knowledge Base, the less mistakes the AI will make, the more work it will save you, and the happier your customers will be! Learn More


Your Knowledge Base is the foundation of your teamโ€™s AI. Add information here to equip the AI to save your team time across all channels and make everyone's lives easier! Your AI will use what it knows about your company (the information in your Knowledge Base) to draft email replies, provide instant answers on the Smart Contact Form, and communicate with customers via the website live chat.

Information can be automatically added by submitting the URL of your public FAQ on your website. Additionally, you can add information manually by clicking the 'Add' button in your Knowledge Base in your team. You can edit any information on this page by clicking into the 'Knowledge' tab and clicking the 3 dots next to any piece of information.


  1. Navigate to Knowledge Base in the left side bar
  2. Submit any relevant URLs (such as your FAQ page) and let the AI pull information from your website (this can take a few minutes to complete)
  3. Add items manually by clicking the ‘Add’ button
  4. Edit or delete any information by clicking the three dots next to the respective piece of information

Add Item to Knowledge Base

Edit AI Knowledge Base Item

You can save hours every week by building out your Knowledge Base and letting the AI help across your customer communication channels.