Connecting Your Google Inbox

Note: Only users with admin permissions on your team are able to manage this integration.

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If you are using a single user email address (meaning that your email address is accessible through a single username and password), follow these steps to create a direct Gmail inbox integration with your Supermoon team inbox.


  1. Navigate to your Supermoon Settings (bottom left of your screen)
  2. Click ‘Linked Accounts’
  3. Click ‘Connect with Google’
  4. Connecting Google Inbox

  5. Choose the Google account you would like to integrate
  6. Click ‘Allow’ to give Supermoon access
  7. Choose how much of your message history you would like to import
  8. Choose whether you would like inbound emails that Gmail categorizes as promotions, updates, social media, or forums to be marked as ‘Low Priority’ in your Supermoon team inbox, and click ‘Connect’

Connecting Google Inbox

Once your Gmail inbox is connected, you will begin to see your messages import. If you have a lot of messages to import, it may take several hours to complete. Additionally, any new inbound emails to the connected Gmail account will start to appear in your Supermoon inbox.