Smart Contact Form Setup

Note: Before setting up your Smart Contact Form, make sure you have set up your team’s Knowledge Base so the AI can answer customer questions based on your FAQ and other information you teach the AI about your business on the Knowledge Base page. Learn More

💡 You can access Smart Contact Form 'Sessions' in your Settings to see what submitted questions, which questions have been resolved by your AI automatically, and even abandoned questions from your customers which the Smart Contact Form captured.


Answer customer questions instantly and automatically using the Smart Contact Form. By setting up your Knowledge Base and installing the Smart Contact Form, your AI will answer customer questions directly on your website as customers are filling out your contact form.

Steps to install on Shopify

  1. Navigate to the Supermoon Settings (bottom left of your screen)
  2. Click ‘Smart Contact Form’
  3. Click on the ‘Configure’ tab
  4. Enter the URL of the website on which you wish to install the Smart Contact Form (example:
  5. Add a forwarding address if you want to receive the Contact Form submissions in your existing email (Note: all submissions will also be saved in your Supermoon inbox for future reference)
  6. Click ‘Save’ (Note: you can customize colors, fonts, and other setting by clicking the ‘Show Advanced settings’ button)
  7. If you have already linked your Shopify store, click ‘Install’
  8. If you have not connected your Shopify store, you can do so now by clicking ‘Link Shopify’
  9. Navigate to the page on your store where you would like to install the Smart Contact Form (e.g. the contact page), add a section to the page, under ‘Apps’ select the ‘Smart Contact Form’ to add it to the page
  10. Click ‘Save’ to save your changes – your contact form is all set!

Note: Make sure you spend time filling out your Knowledge Base with as much information about your business as possible so the AI can answer all types of customer questions. Learn More

Install Supermoon Smart Contact Form on Shopify website

Manual Installation

To manually install the Smart Contact Form on your website, copy-paste the code found in the install section of the Smart Contact Form page in your Supermoon settings into your website.

Configuration Settings

  • Website URL: Here you can enter the URL of the website on which you will be installing the Smart Contact Form. If you’d like to use it on multiple websites, separate each URL with a comma.
  • Button Color: Select the color for the button on the form.
  • Width: Select how wide the Smart Contact Form should display on your website.
  • Forwarding Email Address: By default, all Smart Contact Form submissions will show up in your Supermoon inbox. If you’d like to forward these submissions to an email address outside of Supermoon as well, enter it here. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.
  • Completion Message: Shown to the customer after they’ve submitted their message.
  • Background Color: Select the background color behind the form.
  • Alignment: Center or left alignment of the send button.
  • Corners: Sharp or rounded corners for the edges of the form fields.
  • Font: decide whether to use the font used on your website or whether to fall back to visiting customer operating system fonts.
  • AI Suggestions (Pro Feature): Toggle ‘ON’ to give customers instant, automatic answers from your internal Knowledge Base as they’re filling out your Smart Contact Form.
  • Product Recommendations (Pro Feature): Toggle ON to show relevant product recommendations to customers as they are filling out the Smart Contact Form.
  • Show ‘Powered by Supermoon’ Footer (Pro Feature): Toggle this switch off to hide the ‘Powered by Supermoon’ footer at the bottom of the form.
  • Enable Smart Contact Form: Toggle ON/OFF to enable or disable the contact form without fully uninstalling it.